Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wilderness at Home & State Parks

Got a bit behind yesterday,I had a call from a perspective job at a local Medical Supply Office and set the Interview for today. I needed to rush to town for a much needed hair cut and to pick up some comfortable shoes that would fit the carrer casual appearance I wanted to be able to show for this interview.I did however get out in the wildflower patch to capture some of the grasses and seedheads,and found a butterfly chrysalis ,the colors and patterns are wonderful.
(Thanks to ventl8r for the monarch ID.)

I feel very good about how the interview went,and I hope to hear some good news about the position in the next few weeks.

On the way home I stopped at Somerset State Park,I was looking for some wilflife and wildflowers. I didn't see any birds or wildlife,but there were some interesting grasses and wildflowers.I went down on one of the floating docks to sit and found a huge spider web,I also noticed how detailed and clear the reflections from the trees were.It was a beautiful afternoon,sun shining and mild teperatures.


Anonymous said...

I love the contrast of the grasses with the blue sky behind!

ventl8r said...


And *ahem* butterflies hatch from a chrysalis. Moths are from coccoons. Looked like you found a Monarch.

You should watch more Marlin Perkins, ya know. Especially from the comfort of his office while Jim goes out to wrestle those freshwater crocodiles.