Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Chance Random Spotting,... A Visit To Yester Year

On my way to pay my water bill, Which had me going to Indianola. A 17 mile trip .

No thought in my mind of a photo destination. Somehow I had grabbed my poor camera bag that day. Maybe I felt guilty about all the neglect, maybe it was the blue skies and beautiful late summer temps. What ever the reason I was glad I had it with. Parked right there in front of the building was this bright red Chevy SS, glistening in the sun like a ripe red apple. What could I do? I had to get the wide angle lens. Standing right in front of the car with bushes up against my backside I strove to lean back and fit it all in, while minimizing the modern cars parked in the background as much as possible. She sure gleamed bright in the warm sunlight.

I just had to find out who owned her so I could get a shot inside free of reflections from the window glass. I walked into the water company, nobody there except staff. next door was a chiropractor office. It seemed to be a casual setting, the doors open while she worked on the patient. I asked who owned the car, and it was the patient. He was done shortly after that and he graciously let me shoot picture of the dash area. That was after he climbed through the trunk to unlock a car door. lol he had forgotten the second key that unlocks the door and didn't want to have to call home to his wife to bring it. I wonder how much good the chiropractor visit did after that?

But I must say, I am sure glad he got in, It was worth the wait. Only in a small

I continued on toward Des Moines. I remember wondering what the purpose of this small brick building had been. All the years I have lived in warren/ Madison Co and driven by this stretch of hwy 65/69. It was a cute building, but not until recently had I seen there were antique gas pumps placed outside. I stopped, Full high noon sun making things bright and difficult to shoot I decided to intentionally play with the flare. With a washed out sky it made it the perfect subject for some vintage color treatment.

Papers out front give more info. This cute little building was The Hastie Station Built in 1933 as an original Standard Oil gas station. Serving motorists on Hwy 65/69 between Des Moines and Indianola between the years 1933 and 1943. Its hard to believe,but it houses a grease pit for mechanics to service cars 5 gal of gas is said to be .97 cents They would check your oil, fill the fluids wash your windows and top off the tank of every car that stopped.

The Warren Co. Historic Preservation Commission is taking steps to restore the building. It looks like they have already rebuilt a falling chimney,I hope they continue to restore the glass windows, the old signs and of course find the glass domes for the pumps. They say many of the equipment remains in place. Here is a scan of a old photo when this station was in its hay day. I only wish an antique car had come along and I could have gotten a shot similar to

Friday, October 22, 2010

Trying To Get Out Of The RUT

It isn't easy to find your way back from a rut that has lasted as long as this has. I love all of my dear friends that have been so patient with me during my lapse.

I have had many ideas this last few weeks, Usually when driving home and I don't have the big camera with to do exactly what I would But from ideas usually come action ... at some point.

Since I have not found the motivation to even work on the few pictures taken recently, I am posting some from this summer. A new found interest I have in old classic cars. When I see one in my daily travels I have to take a shot of the dash and also a few of the most prominent features of the car. This was a Mustang, One of my favorite cars all time , that was across the street at the gas station one fine summer day.

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Long Long Year

I have been under a veil of blah..ness, lack of motivation, and lack of artistic drive. Other than my vacation my camera has seen little attention.

I need a swift kick in the butt, or something new to motivate me. I am going to try giving this blog a go again and reconnect with friends that may have forgotten Me

Here is a recent photo to kick things off.

Golden Bokeh