Friday, October 22, 2010

Trying To Get Out Of The RUT

It isn't easy to find your way back from a rut that has lasted as long as this has. I love all of my dear friends that have been so patient with me during my lapse.

I have had many ideas this last few weeks, Usually when driving home and I don't have the big camera with to do exactly what I would But from ideas usually come action ... at some point.

Since I have not found the motivation to even work on the few pictures taken recently, I am posting some from this summer. A new found interest I have in old classic cars. When I see one in my daily travels I have to take a shot of the dash and also a few of the most prominent features of the car. This was a Mustang, One of my favorite cars all time , that was across the street at the gas station one fine summer day.


Lisa said...

Hi Tani, So happy to see you here with your photos. These here are so beautiful . Your processing in Lightroom I think you used is stunning. The first is like satin.
Welcome Back.
and Im smiling Girl. You have a gift , and if you have the need to share I will enjoy each one you do share.
Have an awesome day.

CAROLDEE said...

Amazing what large steering wheels these old cars have. There is just something about an old car that moves me to think of my teen years. I loved riding in an old mustang fastback a friend had. What fun going back there. Thanks for the memories.. : )