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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ghostly Effects

Stopped along the highway trying to capture a sunset before it faded away,I noticed the traffic lights m

aking small streaks as the cars went by. I wondered what a semi would look like. I saw one coming and tried to time the shot. I loved the effect. Like the truck drove into the frame and dissappeared into a ball of light. Reminded me of the old trucking song Phantom 309.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I6t has been a busy week,and very little time for photography. Friday night about midnight I finally got out to attempt capturing the red glow of the leaves on the japanese maple I had admired every night when taking out the dogs for thier bedtime run.

It has been breezy,and even this night there was a slight rustle to the leaves regularly,I was afraid I would get too much blur using long exposures. This was captured at .8 seconds during a slight lul in the movement. It took multiple attempts,as at night it is hard to focus,not only does the Auto focus struggle in the dark,but so do my eyes as I try to manually focus.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Study Of Country Churches

These two churches are 5 miles from one another on country roads in the Madison Co areaThe styles vary widely ,yet both were built lovingly by pioneer communtities that settled this area.
It surprises me the close proximity of these old churches,but then in those days a few miles by horse drawn buggy was a long distance.
The first Church is a ornamental brick /limestone building with hand crafted details. Called the Friends Church,it has the air of a much beloved building gone abandoned over the years.
The second church is in the heart of an Italian Settlement.Wooden frame building in an unusual design. The iron arch and gate reamin as well as the old hitching posts where the horses would be tied.There is a large church cemetary on the grounds,so it appears to have had a large congregation,and looks to still be of use with potted mums by the door.
What draws me to these old buildings is the history. How important these community gathering places were. Built by the community by craftsmen of the time,they are built to stand these many years. One can sense the belief and love these pioneers had for thier churches.

Playing With Traffic

It was a Friday evening,and the high school kids were out. I defied al logic my Mother ever taught me,and went out to play with the traffic. Set up at the edge of town on the shoulder of the highway I attempted to capture the ribbons of light from the headlights and tail lights as the cars left town and headed back in. These were the two best shots of the session.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Autumn Colors Changing In One Tree

the difference light conditions can have on a subject. The bottom image was shot on an overcast day,rendering the colors softer ,the top images are the same tree several days later in evening light on a clear day.Amazingly different yet all equally lovely.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Window In Time...The Clark Tower

A long winding narrow road leads you gradually up and around to the Clark Tower. This observation point built of rough limestone quarried from the area was built at a high point of the Park accessable only through the twisting one way road.From atop the tower one can see across the valley and hillsides of Southern Iowa for miles.

Iy was the perfect destination for a beautiful autumn afternoon.The tapestry of fall color spread across the land viewed from the top was worth the climb up the curving steps and the narrow ladder to the third floor.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

City At Night

SInce I found myself in the city after dark,I decided to work on a few night images I have been wanting to get.
The first image is the new Prairie Tower built at an office park west of town,to the tune of $1.5 million dollars it is "Largest Italian Glass Mosaic Tile Mural in the United States" The scene depicts the prairie grasses and wildflowers that were native to the land.To me it's top is reminesent of a huge silo.I used the longest exposure I have ever used to try and capture the overcast skies and motion of clouds in the cool mist of the night.I also liked how it smoothed out the waters choppy appearance from the wind.
The second image is of Capital Hill looking up on the new rotunda towards the Big Domes.
The third image is the face of modern downtown,with blue arched bridges framing the skyline with the blur of tail lights traveling over the bridge.
I shot all of htese at f 13 which gave me nice star effects on my light points.I used various exposure speeds with bulb settings any hwere from 8-15 seconds and a whopping 37 seconds on the tower.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Covered Bridge Festival

A small town festival,when they close off the square to vendors of all kinds.Food,bands,pony rides for the kids and crafts of all kinds.It was a fun day even if the weather was a bit chilly and grey.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fun Outdoors

Just out in the yard having some fun with Pete and Rosa. I found this cute little T shirt dress for Rosa and she looks so cute. I think the light wiehgt dress may keep her body heat in when it gets chilly in the house. Unfortunately while she likes to wear these things,she also shimmies under the chair in the living room ,seems to use it as her personal den,and the dress got caught on a spring and came off. Will have to see how practical it will be to dress her in the house afterall. LOL

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I Saw The Light

After another interview today I drove around Warren Co. with a friend I have met this year through flickr. I met her at her home and we drove to the Palmyra church near her home. Built in 1870 it is in need of restoration that has been delayed for some reason,but still beauty can be found in these historic buildings.
I am told this church was built by ship builders and that it is truelly square still to this day.This speaks to the care that was put into the churches building at the time. They often used the finest of hard woods harvested from area homesteaders,and built by hand much in the fasion they would raise a barn.
This one maintains it's fine wood work in pews and alter areas,and can be viewed from the tall cathedral windows.
As a photographer we usually attempt to avoid lens flares and bright overhead sunlight with the use of polarizer filters or hoods.,But there are times when lens flare can be a beautiful planned element in a photo. In both these flare images I saw the colors in my viewfinder and focused in hopes the colors would come through to the image.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

October is Think Pink Month

October being Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Since I lost my own Dear Mom to breast cancer at the young age of 16, I wish to take this moment to remind my Sisters out here to have a check up. For the male friends out here,take care of your Mothers,Sisters,Wives and Friends.Remind them to have a checkup.

One group I have joined on flickr is raising money for every pink photo posted to thier group during the month of Oct. Yahoo will pay $1 for every photo posted up to $50,000, so I have been out on a quest to find pink this weekend.

This is for you Mom.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Natures Glory

Just some of the Beauty found at a county park by the river.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Worth The Effort

It has been an unusual summer here in the midwest. Much wetter than normal. In fact we had severe thunderstorms and tornado's streak through Des Moines this evening overturning cars and busting out windows.

I got this aster shot yesterday,In the area this is growing was an area the grass has stopped growing from the shade of a pear tree. To get a good vantage point I had to lay down in the damp dirt,getting my P'J's a bit dirty. The extra time I could take while I was down there to focus and recompose as needed payed off with this image.