Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Study Of Country Churches

These two churches are 5 miles from one another on country roads in the Madison Co areaThe styles vary widely ,yet both were built lovingly by pioneer communtities that settled this area.
It surprises me the close proximity of these old churches,but then in those days a few miles by horse drawn buggy was a long distance.
The first Church is a ornamental brick /limestone building with hand crafted details. Called the Friends Church,it has the air of a much beloved building gone abandoned over the years.
The second church is in the heart of an Italian Settlement.Wooden frame building in an unusual design. The iron arch and gate reamin as well as the old hitching posts where the horses would be tied.There is a large church cemetary on the grounds,so it appears to have had a large congregation,and looks to still be of use with potted mums by the door.
What draws me to these old buildings is the history. How important these community gathering places were. Built by the community by craftsmen of the time,they are built to stand these many years. One can sense the belief and love these pioneers had for thier churches.


etan said...

Hey Tani,

That is one small church! It looks more like a fancy garage.

went by the old place but you weren't home.

Caroldee said...

HI.. these are just great I love all the old architecture in these churches. It blows me away how they did it back then. I love your ribbons of light too! : )

Anonymous said...

I really like the last one - the red tree against the stark white of the church really pops!

Barb/Anni said...

These are all so beautiful Tani. You've got wonderful detail and clarity with perfect colour tones.