Saturday, November 13, 2010


October 31st was little Boo's 3rd Birthday. We celebrated last weekend with a birthday party. The cousins got to play. They had a great time. Topped off the evening with the best strawberry shortcake Birthday cake I ever had. Not only was the cake decorated with strawberry shortcake dolls, but it was a Big white heart shaped cake with strawberry filling in the center and the yummiest whipped frosting. Every little girls dream cake , no matter her

Another milestone this week , Taking photos for this 17 yr old senior pictures.

A couple weeks ago my life long friend Laurie called and asked if I would help her niece. Seems her Father canceled her senior pictures . She wanted some help to get them done. No senior should be without senior pictures to remember this occasion. The last year of childhood. Saying goodbye to old friends and starting out on a life where you will meet many more.

Light was fading fast when we met, so we are scheduling a second session when we can take advantage of the afternoon light. But what we have gotten so far turned out real cute. Between us we were able to think of some real cute poses.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Retro Fun

The Android retro camera so is awesome. I have a choice of 4 cameras each with different effects. My favorite so far has been the Orange box toy camera.

Grab your phone and have some real fun. All of these have been captured of random things outside at work during lunch or in my travels t run errands . You don't have to go far to see beauty.
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