Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ghostly Effects

Stopped along the highway trying to capture a sunset before it faded away,I noticed the traffic lights m

aking small streaks as the cars went by. I wondered what a semi would look like. I saw one coming and tried to time the shot. I loved the effect. Like the truck drove into the frame and dissappeared into a ball of light. Reminded me of the old trucking song Phantom 309.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I6t has been a busy week,and very little time for photography. Friday night about midnight I finally got out to attempt capturing the red glow of the leaves on the japanese maple I had admired every night when taking out the dogs for thier bedtime run.

It has been breezy,and even this night there was a slight rustle to the leaves regularly,I was afraid I would get too much blur using long exposures. This was captured at .8 seconds during a slight lul in the movement. It took multiple attempts,as at night it is hard to focus,not only does the Auto focus struggle in the dark,but so do my eyes as I try to manually focus.