Thursday, November 4, 2010

Retro Fun

The Android retro camera so is awesome. I have a choice of 4 cameras each with different effects. My favorite so far has been the Orange box toy camera.

Grab your phone and have some real fun. All of these have been captured of random things outside at work during lunch or in my travels t run errands . You don't have to go far to see beauty.
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Beth said...

love the pic of the leaves with the sky so bright behind ...very pretty

RedWillow said...

Tani you really did have some fun. Im sure I would have trouble with my camera after what Im used too. Lovely images and its nice to have some fun.

Hope said...

love these Tani.. what is a Android retro camera?

aplseed said...

Hope the camera is on my android phone, retro is an ap. allows you 4 different old style camera types to choose from. So far my fave is the little orange box toy camera .