Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I Saw The Light

After another interview today I drove around Warren Co. with a friend I have met this year through flickr. I met her at her home and we drove to the Palmyra church near her home. Built in 1870 it is in need of restoration that has been delayed for some reason,but still beauty can be found in these historic buildings.
I am told this church was built by ship builders and that it is truelly square still to this day.This speaks to the care that was put into the churches building at the time. They often used the finest of hard woods harvested from area homesteaders,and built by hand much in the fasion they would raise a barn.
This one maintains it's fine wood work in pews and alter areas,and can be viewed from the tall cathedral windows.
As a photographer we usually attempt to avoid lens flares and bright overhead sunlight with the use of polarizer filters or hoods.,But there are times when lens flare can be a beautiful planned element in a photo. In both these flare images I saw the colors in my viewfinder and focused in hopes the colors would come through to the image.


Judy C. said...

I love to see old building like the church. I would be neat to be able to go inside and see all of it. I love the flare pictures. Did you feel the interview was a positive thing?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tani

HUG back at ya!

I agree. The light flare in these really adds to the composition and feel of these shots.


Kuskulana Steve said...

See the light you did!
I like lens flare, and these are particularly nice images with the flare and the steeple.

CAROL said...

Breathtaking.. I just gasped at its beauty.. Thanks for this.. The last one just left me in awe of your talent. MAde my day! : )

Barb/Anni said...

Tani, I agree 100% with your using the flare here. It just seems to belong with this subject.
I really loved the way you used the oak tree with the steeple in the background. Well done.

WomenBiz said...

What a beautiful church and great photos. Were you able to go inside? I would love to be along with you on a photo shoot. You always seem to know just what to do to get the most lovely photos. I still am hoping you can combine your hobbies and your income.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Stunning, Tani!