Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Window In Time...The Clark Tower

A long winding narrow road leads you gradually up and around to the Clark Tower. This observation point built of rough limestone quarried from the area was built at a high point of the Park accessable only through the twisting one way road.From atop the tower one can see across the valley and hillsides of Southern Iowa for miles.

Iy was the perfect destination for a beautiful autumn afternoon.The tapestry of fall color spread across the land viewed from the top was worth the climb up the curving steps and the narrow ladder to the third floor.


Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful Tani.
Love these shots.

WomenBiz said...

Where is this? I am always amazed at both your talent and all these wonderful places you take me. Thanks!! Linda

aplseed said...

This is in Winterset Iowa. The heart of MAdison County.

meg said...

Great shots, Tani!
Re the guys in cheerleading skirts- this is California after all :P
Just kidding- it was Homecoming week & one of the events is "Powder Puff" football, where the Junior & Senior girls play & the guys are the cheerleaders. The girls did most of the dressing & the guys could choose to wear the skirts or not.
Actually, Sam did try out for cheerleader in middle school- he doesn't have the tumbling skills needed- & has a great appreciation for the atheletes who can do this, especially after the past 4 weeks of getting ready. This is one secure kid- he dances, wears a kilt, & sings Michael Buble- & could whoop some serious ugly on a body, as he is a first class brown belt in karate (one step below black, which he'll be testing for after the 1st of the year)

Barb/Anni said...

Tani, this was another wonderful series. What an excellent location for photography! I envy you. :-)

etan said...

really like the shot thru the windows.