Friday, October 15, 2010

A Long Long Year

I have been under a veil of blah..ness, lack of motivation, and lack of artistic drive. Other than my vacation my camera has seen little attention.

I need a swift kick in the butt, or something new to motivate me. I am going to try giving this blog a go again and reconnect with friends that may have forgotten Me

Here is a recent photo to kick things off.

Golden Bokeh


Lisa said...

Fantastic Macro. I love this.
Tani stay with it.
Im in aww of this one.
Have a wonderful day .. Im here to give you that kick and when I need it hope your here to do the same.
Hugs my dear friend.

Lisa said...

I also love that peacefilled music. Tani so nice to have you back. Stay !!!

MissBeth said...

it is so easy to get in a rut like that, i have been there along time and cant seem to shake it off...slowly but surely i will return to normal , atleast i hope lol.

CAROLDEE said...

I swear Tani you can take the simplest thing and make it have such a talent. Please don't stop taking photos they are just wonderful. I miss your trips into the countryside and all that you see.. it was wonderful. I miss Cheryl's pics too.. Hope she is ok.