Friday, September 14, 2007

It's Officially Time To Break Out Your Hoodies

There is a chill in the air today,and tomorrow morning is forcast to be the first light frost in the northern half of the state. I am not worried here,since we are so far south.It is time to break out the hoodies, and wear long pants.
Rosa loves her sweatshirt,though she will not keep the hood up. She has a few jackets appropriate for colder winter weather as well. It is so cute to see her romp and play in the yard instead of hovering at the door shivering. In the middle shot she had just chased a truck out of town on the shoulder and was running back after I yelled at her. We have a real problem with her chasing trucks and motorcycles,she hates them with a passion. Somehow she thinks she is put on this earth to tell these loud things off. In the 3rd shot doesn't she look so satisfied with herself for a job well done? LOL


Caroldee said...

Ahh she is a doll and looks comfy. you are so right.. 35 this morning. Here I sit with an extra sweater on and indoors! I hear we may get near 80 this next week though.. fall is like that I guess.
I hope she stays AWAY from those cars!! Hope the job thing went okay! : )

Barb/Anni said...

Little stinker, chasing cars and trucks! I hope you can break her from that bad habit.

She does look cute in that hoodie and looking especially pleased with herself for chasing another loud sound away.

Anonymous said...

I even put my hoodie out because it is to get doen to 60 in the morning. I can't wait for it...BTW i love your read light picture just below this entry. Hope you are well.


meg said...

Guarding the homefront- she's doing her duty!