Sunday, September 16, 2007

Road To Heaven

Road To Heaven

It was a big day today,we had my nieces baby shower in the was a fine day,although a bit cold.Everyone had alot of fun.The Mommy to be had alot of nice gifts to get ready for the big event.It didn't start to sprinkle till we were ready to leave. We had a rain storm along the way home,and when we drove out of it there was this huge sunburst through the clouds. Looked like we were driving towards the heavens. I was riding,so I was able to capture this through the windshield between raindrops. The color was adjusted in PSE since I had accidentally left the WB on sunny from earlier in the day.LOL


-s said...

OMG this is a beautiful photo. Stunning.
I've actually just gone back to MSN Spaces, although I too have "streamlined" it a little. Never hurt me eh?

Like the greens and blues, hope to be able to keep up with you better there, than over on Flickr.

Etan said...

Hi Tani,

This is a fantastic shot. I can't believe you got thru the windshield.

aplseed said...

Etan,You have to time it just right,so you shoot just after the wiper blade clears the droplets off.LOL

Barb/Anni said...

This is a beautiful capture Tani. You caught the mood of the night.