Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Exploring Area Parks In Search Of Wildlife

Monday I spent the day with a friend and fellow photography nut. We visited several central Iowa parks in search of wildlife big and small.
It was a beautiful morning ,although overcast at times. We started out the day at Saylorville Lake,just down from the dam. on the river. There we saw Great Blue Herons,a Jouvenile bald eagle,Hawk and Kingfisher. I still have to pracxtice with wildlife photography,many of my action shots were just not very clear.
We also visited Jester park,where they keep Elk and Buffalo.The park is lovely,and they had recently built a new garden/seating area that overlooked the animals enclosures.The sun decided to come out and play,and it was easier to capture the animals in the sunlight.
I had some technical issues at that point,my long zoom lens has developed some problem,and I will have to send it in for repair.
Towards the end of the outing we found ourselves at Glenwood park in Des Moines. There is a large pond full of turtles and frogs,I spotted a blue dragonfly,but he was to quick for me. There was also plantings of wildflowers,grasses and even a patch of orane mushrooms at the base of an oak tree.Lots of photo opportunities.
To sum up the day,it was a beautiful early fall day spent with a good buddy,enjoying some good natured teasing,Lots of smiles,and a few good laughs.


meg said...

Great shot of the buffalo going for a wade :)

Barb/Anni said...

You got a lot of variety on your outting! Great shots of the heron (they never stay still for me!) turtles and frogs.
Great Buffalo image too. Really like the feel to that whole picture.

alias said...

Wonderful photos. I especially love the one of the frog on the lily pad.

Lisa said...

Hi Tani,
You had a great time and I smiled while reading this. The Buffalo shot is wonderful. Its 5:30 here and like you Im up early and cant sleep. Your outing makes me want to head into a park somewhere . Soon you'll have all the color to photo as the seasons change and you will again be in the parks and in and around the bridges.
Hugs always

Lisa said...

I cant wait to see the Bridges and the color around them.

SFAM said...

Im dancing right now , Bob wants to take me away for my Birthday , what if I pick the Bridges of Madison County..... He did say Vegas but naaaaa. Maybe not sure yet.
I want to see some scences . Maybe the ocean.
Hope your out with your camera.
I dont know if I can today for sure yet but going to try.
Hugs always

CresceNet said...
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WomenBiz said...

Wow, what great shots. It's like the animals just stopped and posed. I just read the msn space, didn't leave comment. Just know that the perfect possibility is waiting for you.