Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday's, Quiet Days of Relaxation

Today I saw a hard copy of the Welcome Centers rack card that features 5 of my covered bridge images. It looked pretty good,even if the photos were fairly small.

Around town we are starting to think about covered bridge days,so today I spent some time out in the garden trying to get things in better shape for the celebration and to get it ready for winter.

While out I found a few fall beauties starting to bloom,the new feverfew plant was covered in cheery white blossoms,the mum just beginning to bloom,and the aster that is covered in buds had just a couple flowers.


Shanna K said...

Lovely, lovely and lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks I love the flower at the top. Sounds like your going to have fun. Were getting into the hay finally.

Anonymous said...

I ment to say Tani, not Tanks lol

Sheila said...

This is your best work and I know you are pleased with the progress you have made, and I have been able to see you grow as a photographer, a person with challenges and a friend. Kudos Kiddo!

Sheila said...

Tani dear,
had to come back, I have been going through you pics, the ones of Tobias are perfect I love the grass backdrop and my am I flattered you mentioned me...I don't think I told you how special that pic was to me!! Thanks Tani, you did a great job on the flipflops! Do you think I have started something with the shoe thing? Ha such fun!

Anonymous said...

Covered Bridge Day? Cool... sounds like it would be like a second Memorial Day or Labor Day with bar-b-qs and fireworks.

We saw one on our recent trip to Vermont. It was the longest one in the state. Not in use anymore except for the kids jumping off it into the stream underneath from a rope swing. The old speed sign over it read car 10 miles an hour, horse had to be walked thru.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Beautiful flower pictures. Just fabusous shots. Cheryl