Friday, September 7, 2007

Portraits Of Tobias

Since Pete and Rosa stay home all the time I have gotten lots of opportunities to catch nice portraits outside this summer.Toby being a trucking dog (and preferring it that way) I have to catch it when I can.To further complicate things he has to be tied or in the play yard,since he has a penchant to roam the town if he gets a chance.Tonight we went out back and I tied him to the cable while I tried to get him to cooperate.He loves looking for kitties and birds,and who knows what else back there,so I had to chase around and wait out the perfect head tilt or stance.After 8-10 tries I got several I really liked.Here is his Furry Friday photoshoot.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tani, The photos of the kids ,dog lol are great and congts on explore again. YOu go girl.
Hope you have a great day !!
I got the idea to change to black on my page from you. Yours looks so aswsome . You photos show up so well.

Anonymous said...

Oh I started a blog here but not ready to make it public.