Friday, September 21, 2007

Rural Beauty

Just an ordinary drive home,instead of staying on the Interstate I took the last 6 miles of the trip down a small rural road. The fields of corn and soybeans are drying in the sunlight and turning the fields shades of toast and gold.The landscape at this particular farm is so lovely, It is a favorite place for me to go to take sunset images.


Anonymous said...

The sun on the yellow flowers makes the picture perfect! Very nice, Tani :)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know I changed my blog addy to
I figured it was shorter and easier to remember :)

Anonymous said...

Here goes comment #3 LOL :)
Ya, one of the things I love about Blogger vs my own website is I get to redecorate very quickly and easily whenever the whim takes hold!
Did you opt to put the Google Ads on your page? I wondered what the deal was with that option.

Barb/Anni said...

Tani, that one of the wild yellow flowers just screams happiness and joy to me. It automatically puts a smile on my face whenever I look at it. You have captured the subject perfectly.
Thank you for the journey down the farm roads. It brought back wonderful memories of the farm for me.

WomenBiz said...

Do you have any idea the name of the yellow wild flowers? Everything is so pretty this year.

Lisa said...

Tani this fench is outstanding . I love it. Nice photos again.