Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall In Madison Co.

After a few days of resting at home and hardly touching my camera I decided to go for a short drive in the country Friday to visit a few of our covered bridges and some early fall color.
On the way I stopped at the mum farm to see if they had some falls displays,it was a bit early for many of the potted mums,But I found some color in thier beautiful display garden. I only wish my gardens looked so nice. The tables were filled with every pumkin and gourd variety you could imagine. I only wish I could have taken a mum or two home with me.


Barb/Anni said...

Beautiful images, Tani. That top one of the bridge is a real winner.
I'm glad you got out and enjoyed a pleasant day at the Mum farm. It looks like a photographer's dream place to click away.
Have a great Sunday!
Hug hugs,
Barb :-)

Anonymous said...

Just peeking in at your new pics, as usual you've managed to capture the season beautifully :)
Have a great week Tani!

Caroldee said...

These are so fall like.. I love the wagon with pumpkins.. nice job..on these for sure!! : )