Thursday, September 6, 2007

Doggies & Babies

As My Grand Niece is still visiting I had the opportunity to capture her with Pete this morning.Pete is such a gentle giant with the baby,and also when snuggling with my other niece who is expecting.He seems to sense there is a little one on board.

It was a grey day,and I found it hard to get up the energy to do much. I have been thinking hard about a foot image for my dear friend Sheila at Hurricane Lane,so I had some fun getting artistic with this shot of my favorite flip flops out on the front porch lounge.Some photoshop effects added for more fun.


Marie said...

I made it here!!
Your space over here is just a beautiful as the one in Live Spaces.

HOLY said...

Oh this looks better - on my laptop I was unable to see the comments and time links...unless you've changed your link colors.

Anyhoo, yes, commenting is difficult for spacers to do on blogger - much easier if you already have a blogger account. Hopefully you'll get more of the gang visiting.

I lost most all my readership when I moved, partly because I only advised people of my new blogs in a kinda of underground way - didn't want everyone coming over ie. the freaky Friday Spaces lurkers so now I'm down to a very small group of readers.

So cool that you live in Madison County - I never knew that before.

Anonymous said...

Cute toes and flip flops! :o)

caroldee said...

LOVE that flip flop pic.. too funny I bet others will latch onto this thing soon and will be publishing all kinds of feet shots.. HOW bizzaare! HAH! Glad you solved the comment thing. I see it easily now. Like your profile pic too NEAT.. Madison COUNTY.. are there BRIDGES THERE?? LOL.. I know I know Ijust had to say it.. he he. : )

Barb/Anni said...

Love the photo of your grand niece with Pete. He is a gentle one and looks quite content to have baby use his head for a support. :-)
On that flipflop photo, whatever you did in photoshop was excellent because I can't tell what you've changed.
Have a great day Tani :-)

aplseed said...

Anni...Thanks,What I did in photoshop was apply a gausian blur (since my feet have alot of lines and looked like old skin,LOL) I then did a mask to make the toenails and jewelry sharp again.To finish off I did a vignette.

Anonymous said...

How how how did you get the vignette black??? I can only get mine white...never figured it out!

Judy C. said...

Hi, Glad to see you are doing more pictures. I haven't been doing much but going back and forth to the docs. I have a blog, but don't keep it up. My son helped me set it up, but I don't have much to say. Keep up the good work and I will continue to check in.