Friday, August 31, 2007

Meeting Of The Minds

Friday August 31,2007

Met a fellow Flickr contact for lunch in Des Moines today.I have found photoshare sites to be a great meeting place for peaple from all walks of life who have a common passion.We had a great visit,and a new friendship has begun.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tani,

It's Etan... A fresh start is a great idea. I like the new space.

Is there a way to get automatic update notices? If not I'll just have to stop in every so often.

Don't be a stranger.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you th every best and who knows maybe I will join you.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

some day

Shanna K said...

Welcome to Blogger, Tani! You're right, it is much much cleaner here for displaying photos. said...

HI. Seeing what happened to CHERYL made me so glad I also have another blogsite at WORDPRESS. HArd to say what MSN will be up to in the future they have made it very difficult on us all lately. I will come by from time to time to check on you here.I cannot wait to hear what she has to say about what happened to her. Be well and have a great holiday weekend. : )

Shanna K said...

Oh one thing I forgot to mention. I know part of the reason you said you came here from MSN is so that your pictures weren't large enough to be copied. When I click on your yellow flower it takes me to the full size image where I could potentially copy it. You'll want to resize each file before inserting them into your post. I made a separate file/folder specifically for my Blogger files where I resize and store them on my computer. That way I can get to them all from one place. You might have already known that but I wanted to make sure :)
See ya around, Tani!!

Barb/Anni said...

Hey Tani :-) Anni here.

It's nice to have a new start somewhere fresh. It's like moving into a new home and having all the possibilites in front of you. It gets the creative juices flowing.

I'll be back to follow along on your new journey here.