Monday, July 21, 2008

Charged Atmosphere

A hot humid day, and a stillness in te air. Dry lightening preceeding the storms. This is my first real attamt to capture lightening, and this is the best of the lot. I have alot to learn. Definately best to have no bright street lights in view. Next time I will drive out of town.

Atmoshere Electric


Anonymous said...

HI.. I agree those ads are the pits. I have a blocker thing hooked to my wordpress one and it blocks all the spam it is wonderful. As for the lightning. I never get anything great anymore since this camera is a point and shoot but I can keep hoping I guess. Yes the lights in town are awful to mess up a nice picture. Out in the country I would think the shots are awesome.
The above picture is cool though kinda neat how that looks like the sky is opening up. Nice.. Glad YOU Are posting here again!! Take care.. : )

Anonymous said...

What a beatuiful site you have here. It has been too long, but this electricity photo is amazing.
Have been thinking alot about you lately, I am heading back to school.
hugs hugs